Reality Ramblings

Blog Newbie – Where do I start?!


Being a newbie blogger makes for a lot of questions. You don’t know what to write about half of the time, and yet you have this burning ambition to make a success of it. I find myself constantly googling things like: “How to become a successful blogger?” or “Ways to earn money from a blog”. I’m not saying I expect a blog will get me rich – although that would be awesome! I am fully aware of how difficult it can be to achieve this 

Lazy ambition – I will write a book!


So those of you who know me well will know how badly I want to write a book. I bang on about it every now and then. I always say that if I die before I get a book published, I will be turning in my grave. So I’m seizing this maternity opportunity to get this shit done


What Noise?!


I am 100% totally and utterly guilty of ignoring any issues my car may or may not have. I’m the type of person that will let my petrol light stare at me for as long as possible, to the point where I get so used to seeing it I almost forget that it has a purpose


Twitter Twat


Well, I’ve decided to join Twitter. I’m not sure why, but everyone else does it so I thought I’d join the band wagon. Which to be honest, is a bit of a late wagon I’ve hopped onto. I’m fully aware that Twitter has been a big deal for some people for quite a while, but it’s just never been something I’ve ever given a shit about