Hypnobirthing – doubts are setting in!


I have now officially finished the hypnobirthing book. So I thought I’d update you on my current thoughts about it. Although as the title states, the doubts are setting in, I do however have a clear understanding of what is involved in the whole process. I feel confident that I can give it my best shot. However, a rather unfortunate event made me doubt it – BIG TIME 

Hypnobirth – why I’m going to give it a crack!


So as the title states… I’m going to give hypnobirthing a crack. Some of you may be reading this thinking…. what the frick are you, a hippie?! The answer is, no I am most definitely not. In fact far from it. But… do I want a calm and “pain free” birth…. (pain free – don’t quote me on that… this is what the people say, I haven’t tried it for myself yet!). The answer is, hell frickin’ yes 


34/35 Weeks – Boobs, Birth Planning and Pesky People.

oh-you-have-a-birth-plan-mehI have just returned from my 34 week midwife appointment and as always it’s got me thinking about a lot – such as breastfeeding and labour plans. I’ve just been told to start thinking and writing up a birth plan. I never really wanted to make one as I felt that labour isn’t really something you can plan really, is it 


  My Discovered Craving


Since being pregnant I’ve never really had a craving. In the very early days I thought it was grapefruit, as at the time I did fancy this. But it wasn’t really often enough to warrant being a craving I don’t think. Other than that I never really had any strong feelings towards a specific food. Until now

Baby Clothes Obsession


Someone help! I can’t stop buying baby clothes! I told myself after my baby shower that I didn’t really need to buy anything else until he was born, because I had a fair amount, and I didn’t know what I was really needing until I started actually dressing him in stuff, and noticing what I was short on 


Achy Feet And Achy Brain!

mjaxmi04nmu3n2m4zwqyndnhmzazI can confirm I have reached the stage in pregnancy where my feet are beginning to suffer from the weight of the bump! To the point where I asked Scott to grab my Sketchers whilst I was stood cooking tea because the balls of my feet were so sore! (I can also confirm that this helped – love my sketchers!)… 

Braxton Hicks or Baby Kicks?

braxton hicksThis morning I woke up with the tightest feeling in my tummy I’d ever felt! I was experiencing it through the night, which I have been mildly feeling for the past few days in bed. This is what usually makes me wake up in the night and then I  need to change position to be comfortable enough to fall back to sleep

Lazy Lump


Since I’ve entered the third trimester I have definitely noticed a difference in how productive I feel. The moment I stopped working I knew I had to keep busy otherwise I’d become a couch potato. So I signed up to AVON and became a local representative for my area


Labour Thoughts


I have started to think more and more about labour in the past few days, especially after I had my baby shower yesterday and heard other peoples labour experiences. It’s starting to dawn on me that literally anything could happen


Baby Name – why I’ve kept it a secret.


I don’t know about anyone else but choosing a baby name that both myself and the hubby can agree on has been HARD! We have chosen a name, and I know we’ve come to the decision a lot quicker than some people, but it took a lot of thought and disagreements to finally get there!

Mummy-to-be Lessons Learnt

pregfunny-glowing So I’m a first time mummy-to-be and there’s so much that I’ve  been reading online that both excites and frightens me. I guess I just want to make this blog as real as possible so I can hopefully relate to mummies out there that are nervous or just generally wanting a good giggle about the challenges that we face…and maybe just to not feel alone