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Review – breast pads!

So I thought it would be good start reviewing baby/mum products, the good and the bad. This blog, as the title states, I’m talking breast pads!

So I have tried and tested (on my own accord and I have not been paid by anyone to do this review….sadly) 4 different types of breast pads. I am going to provide my honest opinion based on my experience with each one.


Boots Maternity – Ultra Slim – Approx £3 box

These were the first of 4 that I tried. I even had to use these whilst pregnant because I was leaking colostrum since… I can’t remember… but felt like most of my pregnancy! They are slim and fit well within my bras, I only have size 34B boobs so there’s not a lot of nip/boob to cover. I did find the edges of them quite itchy against my skin as they were flat until you’d put them in your bra they’d crumple around the edges which would irritate a little. They were absorbent, however not enough for me. I have a high milk production and so I leak A LOT. So I’d often find I was changing them almost after every feed! So we’re talking 4-6 times a day, and if I didn’t it would mean I’d have a lovely wet patch on my top. They are a great price and if you’re not as over productive as I am with milk, you may find they are just fine. They have one sticky piece on the back so they stay in place within your bra.

My rating out of 5 – ⭐⭐⭐


Sainsburys – £1.50 box

These were given to me as a gift at my baby shower. I found them a lot more comfortable in my bra, they wouldn’t irritate my skin like the boots ones. The pad themselves are skaller in size and a bit thicker, they’re not so slim. They weren’t very absorbent at all, I had to change them more often and would almost guarantee to leak through due to them being smaller I believe. You can tell they are cheap, which is great if you’re not needing them much. Unlike me. They also have one sticky part on the back to keep them in place.

My rating out of 5 – ⭐⭐


Boots Maternity – Ultra Slim Advanced – Approx £5 a box

Dont be fooled, I haven’t already reviewed these. Boots sell an “advanced” type of breast pads too. These are MUCH better than the normal ones. They curve slightly which makes them fit much nicer and do not irritate at all in my bra. They have 2 sticky sections on the back and so hold in place much better. They are a lot more absorbent and I very rarely leak through these, I don’t have to change them as often. They have a random line where there isn’t any pad which I’m not sure of it’s purpose. I think it’s so that you can shape it and curve it inside your bra to fit well. So I have to make sure this section isn’t over my nipples otherwise I’d leak through. Overall, very good value for money.

My rating out of 5 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Lansinoh – £6 box

My final review is for my favorite breast pads. The Lansinoh branded pads are exceptional value for money. Well worth paying a little more for (although still very cheap). I have only ever leaked through one of these once, through my own negligence of leaving one in for far too long. There is a blue squarrbin the center of each pad, this I assume is more absorbent? As they are very absorbent! They swell up a lot when they’ve soaked up all that milk. They also have two sticky sections on the back which help to hold them in place. They are very soft and comfortable in my bra, you barely notice they are there! I probably only need to change them once a day.

My rating out of 5 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall, breast pads are well worth spending a little more on to save yourself thsoe embarrassing leakages. So you haven’t got to think about changing them more than once or twice a day. So you don’t find yourself with itchy tits. And just generally to catch that dripping milk properly.

Hope you find this helpful if you’ve been struggling to find the right breast pads for you. Or if you didn’t even realize that they were an issue for you until now.

LINK TO: Nappy Review – To Absorb Or Not To Absorb!?


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