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Weekend away with a newborn – did I survive?!

This bank holiday weekend we took a short trip to Southampton to see Scott’s parents. At first I was sceptical about being away from home comforts and having to go on a 2 and a half hour drive with a 6 week old, who seems to be a bit hit or miss with being asleep in a car journey or screaming at the top of his lungs. Which way did it end up….well a bit of both.

We had a sleeping baby all the way to Southampton, with only one pit stop for a bum change and and a feed, so that surprised me. Result! Obviously this included a parent pit stop, which resulted in a white chocolate mocha. Another result! We we’re planning on taking the scenic route but the sat nav ended up taking us on the motorway, so I had to anticipate his feed before he’d get upset so that we weren’t nervously driving in the slow lane (because driving fast with a newborn or the car is petrifying) to the next service station with a screaming baby in the car, luckily we pulled into the services bang on when he started to winge. However, the journey home was a little different. For some reason the sat nav took us the scenic route this time, which we were thankful for, because Fletcher decided to kick off half way home. He was a proper stress head because of some trapped wind. We were able to quickly pull into a garden centre car park so I could settle him. He had a quick feed but was still very upset. He was struggling to wind but we eventually got some very large burps out of him and he settled soon after. I had a quick pop to the loo, and couldn’t help but get distracted by the garden centre as I wandered through looking for the toilet, which was amazing – not the toilet…the selection of plants obviously! I wanted to have a shop around, but I don’t think getting plants over an hour away from home would have been a good idea – besides, the boot was full. It was going to be a place I’d never visit again sadly. Shame really… I get the love of a good garden centre from my mum and my Nan. Anyway, other than that minor blip, our journey to and from Southampton was a success really. Which I wasn’t expecting!

Packing everything we needed was the challenge. Was I going to remember everything, or will I end up in Southampton without a wipe to clean my childs ass? No, I was my usual obsessive self, the night before we went I wrote out a list (because I’m a crazy list writing person who will write a list at any opportunity) and so I didn’t forget a single baby necessity. Although, I did forget a few mummy necessities. When a baby becomes your priority you tend to forget your own shit. Which for me included my make up and a change of trousers.. you know, just in case your husband spills beer on your only pair. So I spent most of the weekend spot faced and in my grotty pyjama jogging bottoms – well I guess that’s mum life or you. I also didn’t expect the weather to be quite as hot as it was, Fletcher spent most of the weekend in just a nappy or a vest it was so warm. However, it sucks for me because I was wearing a nursing vest as well as a t-shirt to save myself the embarrassment of either flashing the mum-tum or the milk jugs – so I was sweating buckets… Which I seem to be doing a lot lately – is breastfeeding a reason why I constantly smell like sweat?! Well I’m going to blame it on that anyway.

I suppose I had it easier than some people would have it, considering I’m exclusively breastfeeding, because I didn’t have to take any bottles or sterilizer. However, it did make it super exhausting for me. I now realize how much I appreciate that one night feed Scott does for me every night. Although it may seem small, it’s enough to just give me a little breather! As soon as we got home, thankfully I had both a day and a night feed (day milk and night milk – cus a mum’s night milk makes a baby sleepier than day milk) in the fridge, so Scott was able to do two feeds for me – what a lovely break that was for me! Not only did I fall asleep on the car journey home but I also feel asleep while Scott attempted to make me watch Monty Python. Which clearly wasn’t a success.

Despite the minor details, the weekend trip was actually a success. Tiring, but a success nonetheless. I wasn’t expecting Fletcher to be so good because he’s been having a lot of tummy upset lately which can make him scream a bit. Just typical that he’s been great all weekend but now that we’re home he’s having a bad time with it again! He’s been a right cry baby today – perhaps he’s feeling just as exhausted as I am though because he’s been so sleepy – bless him.

I think I’m going to have myself an entire lazy week to regenerate some energy. The irony of it is, I will more than likely spend that time spot faced and in my grotty pyjama bottoms. F**k it.


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