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The 3 C’s- Crying, Cranky and Clingy

So I kept seeing people raving about an app called “The Wonder Weeks” which basically explains the milestones and developments your baby goes through each week. And boy does it explain a lot! I just thought I had a miserable baby on my hands but it turns out he’s going through his first “leap”!

At 5 weeks old a baby has what they call a leap. Which is basically a growth spurt in a sense. Fletcher is discovering new feelings and sensations that he never noticed before as a newborn baby. He’s become so much more alert in the day and he’s being totally overwhelmed by all the senses he is now experiencing. Because of this it makes him seem very miserable. They say they will show the 3 C’s – Crying, Clingy and Cranky. This is exactly what what Fletcher has been doing for the past few days. He will not allow me to put him down for more than 5 minutes before he notices, wakes up and cries. I adore cuddling him but sometimes a trip to the toilet takes longer than 5 minutes… If you know what I mean.

Thankfully, after reading more information within the app about his leap, I have been doing the right thing by comforting him through it. When a baby is going through a leap, you shouldn’t just leave them to cry it out, because they will not feel protected by you and therefore lose trust in you. They need to be comforted through it so they feel safe. These new sensations are all feeling pretty scary to the poor little man and he is unable to reach out and tell me he needs me in any other way, than by crying. He needs my help to explore this new world and to help make this leap easier. The app basically says to “spoil” your baby with cuddles and physical contact. Patting, rocking and humming.. whatever comforts them. It is a myth that you can spoil a baby with too much attention, until they reach the age of one and a half years age apparently. Which I for one definitely believe to be true. I’d much rather snuggle my boy and make him feel safe and loved than leave him to cry making him feel un-protected and lonely.

A little bit of me was relieved to read all this information on the app as it was reassurance for me that what he was experiencing was normal. He wasn’t just a wingey baby and that he will get past it once he develops through his leaps. This leap is supposedly the most difficult as it is the first one they experience. The things that were unnoticeable to a newborn baby is now all noticeable to him and it’s pretty overwhelming. Poor little sausage! I got plenty of cuddles to give so I don’t mind!

On another note, I recently bought him an Amber teething/colic anklet. I had read great reviews on how they have helped other babies to relieve some pain naturally. I’m all for trying things out so I have bought one for Fletcher. It could be a complete load of bollocks and not help one bit, but it looks cute so…screw it, why not?! He’s obviously not teething yet, but I think he’s got a bit of colic, I’m not 100% sure but he can get very upset after a feed sometimes. Really kicking and screaming like he’s in a lot of discomfort and no matter what I can’t calm him down for about half an hour to an hour. I know colic can be really bad to the point where babies can be crying for hours on end, which is why I’m not 100% sure if he does have it or not. Because his crying doesn’t last long really, but he does really go for it when he is upset. Poor little mite – I hate not being able to comfort him! Sometimes you can hear his tummy rumbling so loud, but when I give him a baby massage or do bicycle legs with him it really helps to get out some whopping great big farts! Then he’s a happy chappy again.

Although it’s difficult to have him glued to me most of the day, I’m cherishing it because he won’t want cuddles forever! Besides, it’s my duty as a mummy to comfort him so it’s all good!


3 thoughts on “The 3 C’s- Crying, Cranky and Clingy

  1. This is such useful information my little Jon is also 5 weeks and has been doing all of this stuff. I know he has reflux and some colic but as you said he won’t let me put him down at all! And when there’s alot going on he’s unconsol. This makes me feel better knowing that they say to comfort hem since I’m always here from people to stop spoiling him! Great piece I’ll be following along to see how it goes for you!

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    1. People have this old fashion view that you should let a baby cry it out or they will never learn, but babies can’t think like that – when they cry it’s because they need you and if you’re not there for them then they will never feel safe or protected by you. Even my health visitor said today that you can never spoil a baby. More cuddles the merrier I say! Hope your little boy gets through his discomfort, it’s hard to see them so upset x


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