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Baby Brain Exists!

I very almost threw out the entire contents of the fridge in anger, thinking everything was out of date 2 days after doing the food shop, because baby brain made me think I was a week ahead of the actual date.

I can honestly say that baby brain is 100% truth and it definitely exists.

It’s not some lie that us mum’s use, to excuse our “derp” moments when we do something stupid (however we probably do use it as an excuse for those moments too). Ask anyone that knows me, I am crazy organized. I am not only my brain, but I am my husband’s brain too 99% of the time. He’d ask me “where’s my wallet?” Whilst he is lifting absolutely nothing in the search for it, for all of about 1 second. And I could respond with “Upstairs, on your bedside table, next to the glass of water, under the envelope, with a rip in the top left corner.” And I’d be correct… obviously.

But since having Fletcher, I honestly don’t know if I’m coming or going most of the time. I would be the one asking Scott where I’d put my phone, because my brain just felt like cotton wool, only to find half an hour later, that my phone was on top of the bathroom bin for some reason!? When you have a baby, your mind becomes totally taken over by baby thoughts. When is his next feed? What do I need to bring in his changing bag? Where did I put the muslin? Have I packed a spare vest? What time did he last feed? Did I brush my teeth this morning? Infact I haven’t even got dressed yet this morning or had a shower in about a week. Nice.

I don’t think Scott could quite believe the extent that my brain practically shut down. For him to be the more organized one out of the two of us is saying something! Scott has dyspraxia, and so he’s just a fart in a colander most of the time.

When out in public with Fletch, people would constantly ask how old he is and various other questions that for some reason interests a complete stranger. When they’d ask me, my brain was just such mush that I couldn’t even answer them as to how old he was, I just couldn’t think! Luckily Scott would step in and respond for me. Which made me feel awful as a mother, like why can’t I think of how old my child is?! He’s all I can think about so surely this should be something I can answer! Not. Going out is probably when I feel most cotton wool brain to be honest, I would go to the supermarket and completly forget what I went there for and then come back home, use the toilet only to remember… Oh shit yeah…no toilet roll.

I’ve been told that the baby brain never goes away, which is pretty shit because I need it back really, Scott can’t keep up being the more organized one out of the two of us forever. I would give you more funny examples of my baby brain moments but… I’ve forgot them. Typical!

Do you have baby brain?

Share with me in the comments below what your most cotton-wool-brained moment was and I will include your story in my next blog!


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