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Hypnobirthing – doubts are setting in!

I have now officially finished the hypnobirthing book. So I thought I’d update you on my current thoughts about it. Although as the title states, the doubts are setting in, I do however have a clear understanding of what is involved in the whole process. I feel confident that I can give it my best shot. However, a rather unfortunate event made me doubt it – BIG TIME!

I just want to say how surprised I am that even my husband has been reading the book! This is a man of which his only reading consists of Arsenal related tweets. He did read the Michael McIntyre book on a holiday, thought it was the worlds best book and wanted everyone to read it immediately. But then never read a book again – because it’s effort and phone games are so much more rewarding!

So, my mind is now full of all this hypnobirthing knowledge. I’m ready to face labour. In fact – bring it on, I’m actually just fed up waiting and want to have this baby already! As I said before, fear was never an issue for me anyway so, all is good with that still. I just have further knowledge of the environment I’d like for my birth. So a water birth is a definite if all goes well, low lighting in the room etc, etc…(we actually just had our hospital tour and found out the rooms all have the option of dim lights and include fairy lights, this gets me super excited – because who doesn’t love a frickin’ fairy light?!). I have now also re-written my birth preferences, including all the points I felt relevant for how I’d like my birth experience. I will post it below so you can be nosey and take any ideas you also like the sound of:



Yeah it’s pretty basic and scruffy but it will do. Supposedly midwives like a bullet point, brief plan that just simply outlines the basic stuff. There are things in my birth preferences that beforehand I would not have even thought of putting on there, but for hypnobirthing it can be a big part such as:

-Minimal examinations/monitoring

-Giving consent for examinations to be taken without having to ask me.

-Conversation to go through Scott firstly before myself.

All these things are basically so that I am disturbed as little as possible, so I can do my best to stay in my hypnobirthing “zone” and continue focusing on my breathing techniques etc… All this still seems a bit strange don’t get me wrong, it still makes me nervous to think that not being monitored as much may mean an issue may arise undetected. The whole point is that as long as I stay calm, problems shouldn’t arise; due to the fact that I’ve allowed my body to tell me what I need, to tell me whats happening. The whole “trust your instinct” ethos I suppose. Which is cool. Obviously if a problem does occur, there is still a midwife at hand to help in this situation. However, the aim is to remain relaxed and all should go well. I must continue to tell myself this, I have to be positive about birth and not let any of these doubts set in really, otherwise I may as well throw it all away because I clearly learnt nothing. No, I learnt a lot from the book and I am genuinely feeling positive and I can’t wait to feel my first contractions to be honest with you. I finished the book and thought…yeahhhh – I can do this!

Until recently, something threw a little spanner in the works really. Here’s the situation… I have pretty bad swelling in my hands (something I have contacted midwives about and so far they have no concerns) which has caused my rings, mainly my engagement ring, to be… let’s say, permanent. They never felt tight, or felt like an issue until I saw someone post online how they were glad they took their rings off when they did, otherwise they’d of had to of had them cut off. So I thought…hmmm… maybe I should try to take mine off now while I don’t feel like they’re an issue, before it becomes one. Well…. turns out, it’s well and truly an issue now! Oh I wish I never even tried to get the buggers off! I was determined to get them off without having to get them cut as I’ve not even been wearing them much over a year yet! and so myself and Scott were watching multiple videos on YouTube which were showing a hack to remove rings. This involved either dental floss or string and you’d wrap it tightly around your finger and underneath the ring, then you’d gradually unravel from the piece tucked under the ring and it would lift the ring up off your finger. Now, yes it makes your finger go purple, and yes it’s bloody difficult and it will hurt. So I gave it a crack and couldn’t get it to work, so I let Scott try….. MY GOD did it hurt! I was an absolute whimp and basically screamed as he attempted to get it off. I had tears streaming out of my eyes and yeah… I basically cried about the situation.

So labour is going to be fun isn’t it?!

In all seriousness though, I was afraid of him doing it (which i’m not afraid of labour), I didn’t breathe as he was trying to pull it off, I just screamed and cried (which I plan not to do during labour). Hopefully, when I’m actually in labour I will have my fearlessness of the situation help me hypnobirth properly….. I hope.

We didn’t get the ring off by the way…. It’s still well and truly stuck there and it’s staying there now and I’m just hoping I don’t balloon anymore than what I already am. Or at least once baby is out, my hands will return to normal… please?! Currently my finger has never looked more swollen! Trying to take it off has actually made it so much worse, which is why I wish we never tried! My engagement ring is a solitaire and so it’s top heavy. When Scott first gave it to me it was too big and needed resizing. So we took it to a jewellers and instead of making it smaller (because he said this would mean I wouldn’t be able to take it off….funny that) they basically put two silver beads underneath the ring at the back which act like little stoppers that gently pinch the skin to stop it from spinning back and fourth. It’s a great thing for people who are thinking their ring spins a lot. You can’t feel them and then if you ever feel it’s getting tight, then they can remove them again. Unless you turn into a f***king whale with balloon fingers and then these two little beads play a big part in not being able to get the bastard thing off, and instead the stoppers are deeper in your skin and therefore STOP the ring twisting off. Which obviously is their main purpose….great!

This is my hand before trying to get the ring off, just feeling very swollen and at the time not bothered by my rings. I knew my hands looked fat because I had knuckle dimples I’ve never had before, (like aren’t knuckles meant to poke outwards not inwards?!) and obviously my rings looked tight, but didn’t feel uncomfortable.



This was my hand after multiple attempts at trying to take the rings off. Not looking as swollen because I’d had my hand in ice for 5/10 minutes, but an obvious red mark left behind from all the tugging and twisting and wrapping we were trying.


The red mark is now a very sore area on my finger that I can still feel now. Trying to pull it off with the two beads has also left me with grazed skin. I should of taken a picture of how purple my finger went whilst trying to wrap it… I thought I was going to lose the bugger the rate it was going!

All in all, I was a whimp in this situation and I hope to god I’m not a whimp when I’m in labour! I better read that book a second time… after I take a nap… yes… after a nap sounds good!


6 thoughts on “Hypnobirthing – doubts are setting in!

  1. Your birthing plan is awesome – going in with the I CAN DO IT mentality helps massively. I didn’t have as in depth a plan mine was get in have a baby without an epidural if possible and get home 🤣 (water birth wasn’t an option as I was induced but I spent majority of early labour in the bath!)
    Good news is they don’t examine you much anyway 👍🏻 Apart from strapping a monitor to measure babies heart beat but I found that quite relaxing 😊

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  2. I used hypnobirthing to help me birth my boy. It didn’t make the process painless. It didn’t put me in a trans or make me all airy-fairy about it. I did freak out every now and then.
    But it just helped me cope better with the cards I got dealt. Labour hurts, but it’s manageable! I didn’t have one of those short Baby-Just-Slid-Out labours. It took 15 hours, but I did it, and I coped. Hypnobirthing just helped me get back into that headspace.
    Like you say, you know exactly what it’s about and why you’re supposed to do it.
    It’s not a ring on your finger (just a ring of fire ha ha), so you will handle it differently, believe me.
    And don’t worry, the baby won’t be stuck like your ring if hypnobirthing doesn’t work out for you ha ha!
    You can do this! xx

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    1. That’s interesting to hear, as most people are very enthusiastic about hypnobirthing. It’s nice to hear a realistic opinion like that. Even if it helps a little I guess that’s something. Haha ring of fire – nice! Thanks, I will give it my best shot! 🙂 xx


      1. I just realised my comment seems a little bit on the negative side, sorry. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of it, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without hypnobirthing and my amazing man.
        I just actually meant to say that it will definitely help, especially with you doubting it now!
        Some of my friends that did hypnobirthing classes with me had ‘painless’ births.
        I was an overthinker to start with, so giving birth to my son like I did was already a major step for me. My head wandered into freak-out mode every now and then, but like I said, it helped me get back into my birthing body/headspace.

        It all differs from one person to the next. I’m sure you will do great! xx

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  3. Interesting to see how you feel because it kind of sounds like the way I felt before using the method. Don’t get me wrong, I was EXCITED. I just wanted to do it – I just wanted to feel the waves and control them. I wanted to show everyone I could do it. But in the back of my head, I had a bit of doubt. I’m always a whimp when I get my menstural cycle every month and usually take pills and cry for the first day. I HATED cramps. But I gave birth using the method and it worked. You really just have to breathe through it use the techniques. You got this!!💪🏼

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    1. That’s good to hear! I don’t typically get bad menstrual cramping so it’s not something I’m used to managing to be honest. I’ve had a breeze of a pregnancy so far so I’m just hoping the same will go for the birth 👍🏼 xx


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