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What Noise?!

I am 100% totally and utterly guilty of ignoring any issues my car may or may not have. I’m the type of person that will let my petrol light stare at me for as long as possible, to the point where I get so used to seeing it I almost forget that it has a purpose.

Since being on maternity I haven’t been driving my car as much and so every now and then I have to give it a little drive somewhere to make sure the thing still moves. When I had to take Spud to the vets last week, I got in my car and I put the carry case with him inside down in the foot-well and started to pull out of our drive when suddenly a loud spring sound came from somewhere. It sounded as though it was coming from the foot-well and at first I thought it was Spud! Thinking that maybe he was honking in fear of being in the car. I lifted the carry case out and placed him onto the seat instead and put my handbag in front to stop it moving. I didn’t want my rabbit going through the front windscreen at any point! I continued to drive away from our house and there it was again! BONNNNG! It was honestly the weirdest sound I’d ever heard. Like a loud bounce, or spring. I decided it wasn’t my rabbit after all, as it was far too loud and strange and happened about 5/6 times, before I’d even made it out of our street. It must have come from the car, but I’m no mechanic… I haven’t got a clue! For all I knew, this sound could mean the whole thing is about to explode in seconds, but I’d probably still chug it all the way to my destination regardless. I’d be sat driving it in flames thinking… s’all good, it’s still going – no need to worry! (This could be why I’m on my 4th car in 4 years) I do only ever buy second-hand cheap cars… so I realise that obviously plays a part but… I am a terrible car owner who will knowingly run it into the ground.

Throughout my journey to the vets, I noticed that it only happened when I turned my steering wheel all the way one way or the other. So I’d wince every time I’d go around a corner or a roundabout. But me being me, I got back from the vets and did nothing about it. So the next time I got in my car, the noise was still there. I then had a debate on my hands… should I go and take it to the garage or shall I continue my plan of a trip around the charity shops. I had a lovely time at Kingswood, mooching the shops – found some bargains. I know – naughty really. I should of taken it to the garage, but that would mean I’d have walk from the garage back home if they were to look at it… and I’d of had to walk back again to pick it up. Ugh.. that’s effort for this lump of a preggers.

So the car still sits outside my house now and will probably BONG again the next time I get in it. Maybe I’ll start some sort of car bongo band.



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