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My Discovered Craving

Since being pregnant I’ve never really had a craving. In the very early days I thought it was grapefruit, as at the time I did fancy this. But it wasn’t really often enough to warrant being a craving I don’t think. Other than that I never really had any strong feelings towards a specific food. Until now!

Every day, I want grapes! Red, juicy, crunchy, tasty grapes. YUM!

I realised it was a craving the moment we had the #snowmageddon. This is because when we went for our big food shop shortly after, to stock back up after we’d wiped out our cupboards, and most of the shelves were bare! I couldn’t get milk, eggs, bread and various other food – it was manic! Then when I saw I couldn’t get my grapes… well… I was mortified! I realised how much I craved grapes in that moment. Devastated.

Luckily that weekend we happened to be somewhere I could get grapes. WAHOO!  Happy pregnant lady once again!

I must admit, grapes are the last thing I thought I’d have a craving for. I thought I’d be into salty things or pickled onions or something. I did eat a whole jar of picked red cabbage but… if you know me well, that’s nothing out of the ordinary to be honest. So that didn’t count as a craving either.

There are a lot of myths behind cravings. If you’re having a boy you’re meant to crave salty things. If you’re having a girl you’re meant to crave sweet things. I would definitely  disagree with this. Obviously a grape isn’t salty – so it doesn’t apply to me… and I can’t say I fancy the thought of shaking a little salt onto a grape either. If I had to say what i craved more it would be sweeter food, like cake, chocolate and fruit…so unless the sonographer got it incorrect when she told us we were having a boy…. then the craving myth is a load of poppycock! Just for the record – she did point out a little ding-a-ling – so I’m pretty confident we are having a boy unless we have a child with an extra limb… I’m not saying it was the length of a limb, but you know what I mean.

I suppose you could say that most recently my craving is just for this pregnancy to be over! I can’t remember what it feels like to be normal anymore – but then and again, once you have a child, I don’t think you ever really know how it feels to be normal again, do you?!


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