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Baby Clothes Obsession

Someone help! I can’t stop buying baby clothes!

I told myself after my baby shower that I didn’t really need to buy anything else until he was born, because I had a fair amount, and I didn’t know what I was really needing until I started actually dressing him in stuff, and noticing what I was short on.

However, that has most certainly not been the case. I cannot stop buying! The trouble is, I love thrifting and so second hand stuff doesn’t bother me – I live near a high street with a lot of charity shops that sell great quality items. When you see adorable clothes for like 99p each or less…. how the hell can you resist?! I will legit have to change my child 10 times a day to make sure I get wear out of everything!

The hardest part is not knowing what weight your baby will be, so you have to sort of prepare for anything. I could have a 10lbs baby or a 4lbs baby…who knows?! I saw the most adorable outfit in Matalan recently that I have chosen as baby’s first outfit for the hospital, but I didn’t know what size to get. So just incase, I bought a tiny baby and a bigger one so that I’m more or less guaranteed to have him in the outfit – haha! It had the ‘Guess How Much I Love You?’ theme to it… and being a bunny mummy, I just cannot resist anything rabbit themed!

I have also been incredibly OCD with my baby’s drawers by obviously putting it in size order and I’ve categorised all the short sleeves, long sleeves, trousers etc… I have been getting far too much Pintrest inspiration too, so I’m already planning on how I’ll organise the wardrobe! Someone help – I think I have a problem!

Just bring on this baby so I can start using the stuff I have bought. I’m bored waiting now! I have 6 weeks to go, how will I possibly refrain from buying more when I’m about the town? Even with swollen feet I cannot be stopped. MOVE OUT THE WAY – CRAZY PREGNANT LADY WADDLING THROUGH!

No but seriously, I should stop. How many rompers does 1 baby need….


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