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Spud Update

Little Mr Spud had me worried all day yesterday after his vet visit as he continued to be very miserable. So once Scott got home, he helped me to get his medicinal food syringed into his mouth. I must say I am very proud of myself, because I gained the confidence to pick him up! Luckily Spud is quite chilled anyway, so he was relatively easy to hold actually and I’m glad I’ve done it now, because I’ll have the confidence to do it more so. Not with Daisy though… she’s just a little shit bag!

Spud’s face was the picture after we’d covered his mouth in his medicine, as it made all the fur around his mouth stick together and he looked rabid! Even after giving this to him he still looked miserable and he was still very much a statue, unwilling to eat/drink or even interact with anything. He’d take the kale or the hay from my hands but he’d throw it away from me as if to say “I don’t want this shit mummy – I’m poorly!” I also still hadn’t seen him drink water all day yet, so I was still very concerned. I was reluctant to go to be, where I was so nervous about leaving him.

About an hour before we went to bed, he nibbled at a bit of hay and man did we jump for joy! He was very slowly but surely showing signs of improving, despite still being a grump after we’d made him look like a drowned rat, he was definitely trying to perk up. Then, as I’m sure fellow bun owners will relate to, we were on poop patrol! Inspecting his litter tray for Spud poops! If he was pooping then we’d know his digestion was still working well. Eventually, I picked up Spud and physically put him into his litter tray in the hope to encourage it, and he did actually produce a lovely clump of gooey poops… Charming aye?! This gave me a little relief that something had got through his gut and hopefully he was on the mend. It allowed us to go off to bed and see how he was in the morning.

This morning, the clump of poop was missing….so one of them must of ate it…Nice! Scott gave the buns a nice clump of fresh kale and apparently Spud lunged towards it and nibbled slightly at some, so that was a good sign. I was still concerned that he hadn’t really eaten properly is was allΒ veryyy small nibbles, nothing substantial. He also hadn’t drank anything yet. So I put a small amount of water into a bowl, rather than waiting to see if he took it from the bottle, and he tried to throw the bowl away but this caused it to splash on him and he ended up licking his lips and I think he was a bit like.. “ooh…water…this is actually nice!” So I put it to his lips again and he did start drinking, so instant relief for me to see him drinking! I did have an appointment booked at the vets just incase, but after the taste of water had touched his lips it started encouraging a lot more and he was really going at it with the hay then after; so I cancelled the appointment so save him the stress…and myself the stress!

He’s a lot perkier in himself, he’s had a good plod about the living room, which he hadn’t done yesterday. He is grooming Daisy a little too, yesterday he was more interested in receiving all the affection, not giving any. I haven’t seen a substantial poop yet, so I’m very much still on poop patrol, but he has only recently started eating more so it may just have to work it’s way through him a bit first – so we will see what happens by the end of tonight.

Overall, we are gradually seeing our Spud return to normal – thank god!


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