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Poorly Spud

So, as some of you may know, we have 2 little dwarf rabbits. Spud and Daisy. They are the loveliest bunnies and we love them to bits! Before I jump into telling you how poorly spud has been this morning, I’ll just explain how we acquired these little muffins.

At first we only had Daisy. I was working one day and a colleague told me there was a bunny for sale on Facebook. Now I’m a sucker for animals of all kind. I’ve hinted many-a-time to Scott how he should surprise me with a puppy one day…but of course it never happened. Rude. Anyway, I came home and lovingly creeped and pined about the rabbit for sale to Scott… he said absolutely not!

So the next minute it’s 10 o’clock at night and we’re on our way to pick up this rabbit, an hour away. Equipped with absolutely nothing. Luckily the lady had a box to transport the rabbit and she also had a cage to give us. I would like to add, we have no idea how to care for a rabbit what so ever… So stupidly we went into this a little bit dumb to be honest. The lady explained that Daisy doesn’t get along with other rabbits and chases her other ones so she just doesn’t want her anymore. We thought nothing of it and took her off her hands and off we went.

Once we got home, with a rabbit in a nappy box, we were a bit stuck because neither of us were at all confident enough to pick her up. Scott already was nervous about rabbits as he was under the impression they’d bite him. So because he was nervous it made me nervous too! It took us a LOOOOOONG time to get her into the cage. We ended up cutting the box open so she could hop herself into the cage without us having to pick her up. We’re pussies.

Time went on and we fell in love with our little fluff. She is an absolutely crazy little rabbit who loves to run around the living room like a nut case. She doesn’t like to be picked up and doesn’t very much like affection at all really. Just a little rub on the nose is enough for her. Overtime though, I started to notice her getting more and more miserable. It almost seemed like she was getting depressed. Scott didn’t believe me but I could just tell she was sad. In the next few weeks Scott’s sister, who is a veterinary nurse, told us there was a rabbit available to a loving home as it was a stray that no-one had claimed for 2 weeks. (If anyone lost there rabbit and they’re reading this….tough he is ours now!) I’m only kidding – lots of Facebook messages were advertised from the vets and nobody was claiming him and they couldn’t keep him forever. So to save the little fella, me and Scott thought a friend would cheer up our Daisy.

We were very very nervous, as we remembered the lady we bought Daisy from saying how she doesn’t get along with other rabbits. But we did a heck of a lot of research into how to bond rabbits in the most successful way and we thought we’d give it a crack. Now Spud is a completely different rabbit. He is also a dwarf rabbit like Daisy but he’s so much more confident. He doesn’t flinch when you walk in the room, unlike Daisy. He doesn’t run away when you give him lots of affection, unlike Daisy.  We have no idea how old he is or where he came from, but he’s certainly made a difference to our Daisy!

We spent a lot of time bonding them before we actually put them together, ensuring we kept them in separate cages for a few weeks. Letting them out into neutral territory to get to know one another, which was our bathroom. There was only 1 small scrap where Daisy pulled some fluff out of Spud bum… but he was never really bothered by it. Spud is a very chilled out rabbit, and just sort of lets Daisy be a dickhead really. They eventually started grooming each other and then we knew we could try house them together.  Daisy was constantly honking, like she wanted him to mount her… little horny bitch. She even tried to mount him at one point but he didn’t let her. In about a week or so they just sort of got used to each other and they are now totally inseparable. Daisy adores Spud. They are constantly cuddled up and grooming each other. They often run around chasing one another, and just generally having a good time!

So this morning, as usual I went to give them their pellets. Usually as soon a I walk in the room they’re excitedly running back and fourth, eager for their food. But Spud was just led down looking miserable. I carried on putting food down, I also got some greens and put them down in front of Spud which he usually lunges at and starts wolfing it down straight away. But again, just led there looking like a misery. All morning he has been a grump face totally uninterested in food or drink or anything! Now rabbits usually have to eat constantly throughout the day, if they stop eating it can cause major digestive problems, so I was very conscious that he had to get eating something. This happened once before but by the evening he started eating again so I just kept an eye on him.

A few hours passed and he still hadn’t eaten anything. So with Scott’s sister being a veterinary nurse, I contacted her for advice and she told me to bring him in to the vets. So, still to this day me and Scott aren’t confident enough to pick up our rabbits, we never feel we need to and they’re quite happy. But it’s times like these that we wish we were more confident. I pushed his bottom gradually into his carry case thankfully.

We’ve not long ago got back from the vets, and she’d basically told me that he does seem to have an upset tummy, however it is gurgling so she’s hopeful that he will improve within the day. She checked his teeth and she said they aren’t perfect, it could be causing him pain but she said they weren’t that bad. So she’s given him 3 injections to hopefully take the pain away and get his gut moving normally. She’s also given me a syringe of medicinal food to give him and told me to keep an eye on him today and if he still hasn’t improved by tomorrow I’ve got to take him back so they can put him under anaesthetic to get a closer look at his teeth.

I have tried to force feed him kale and tried to put the syringe to his lips but he keeps turning away from everything I try to give him. I need Scott’s help to hold him still so I’m just letting him rest a little for now in the hope he will perk up by himself after as I’ve not left him alone all morning.

Poor thing! It breaks my heart because animals are so helpless. They can’t tell you what’s wrong, you just have to figure it out!  I will keep you updated on how he gets on tonight. I hope he feels better soon. These rabbits are like my babies!!


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