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Achy Feet And Achy Brain!

I can confirm I have reached the stage in pregnancy where my feet are beginning to suffer from the weight of the bump! To the point where I asked Scott to grab my Sketchers whilst I was stood cooking tea because the balls of my feet were so sore! (I can also confirm that this helped – love my sketchers!)

Fun Fact: Scott had to cut my toe nails because I couldn’t even comprehend the thought of cutting them myself they’re soooo far away!!

Before pregnancy I weighed 8st 5lbs, this morning I weighed 10st 2lbs, so I’ve put on 1st 11lbs so far… not sure if this is good, or bad, or what really because midwives haven’t even weighed me since my first appointment. She had measured my bump last visit and said I was measuring at 31 weeks rather than 32, so I guess that meant bump is a week smaller than it should of been?! However, she confirmed that baby is growing nicely in there so I suppose it wasn’t a concern.

I am sick to death of this congested nose I have though. Every single night, I cannot lay my head down without my nostrils blocking and it’s driving me insane! I think it’s starting to give me a headache on a regular basis too. Making my whole head generally feel fuzzy! It’s fuzzy enough as it is being pregnant – like I don’t know what I’m doing one day to the next, let alone having a headache to block any thought processing. There’s not a lot of medicine I can take to help keep it at bay either so I’m just having to suffer with it and it’s just miserable.

On a more positive note, I was extremely excited to see One Born Every Minute is starting again this week! I am so looking forward to watching this whilst pregnant. I bloody LOVE it! It could start to bring it all closer to reality and frighten me but… nevertheless it might engage the husband more and maybe will get him prepared a bit more for the whole event! He could do with getting his head into it a little more now that the date is getting nearer, because I don’t think he quite realises the extent of what is coming. I guess that’s quite a common problem with Dad-to-be’s, it never really feels real to them until a baby is placed in their arms! They haven’t got a wriggly womble in their tummy pushing their organs into different locations you didn’t think possible. They don’t have baby brain…. oh wait, Scott kind of always has. Scrap that. I think my husband will be in La La Land throughout my entire labour to be honest! But on the plus side, he has already googled whether or not football would be on around the due date… and he has confirmed that we should be safe… Great…. nice to know, thanks Scott!


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