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Braxton Hicks or Baby Kicks?

This morning I woke up with the tightest feeling in m tummy I’d ever felt! I was experiencing it through the night, which I have been mildly feeling for the past few days in bed. This is what usually makes me wake up in the night and then I need to change position to be comfortable enough to fall back to sleep. Last night I had a reoccurring tight feeling but it felt impossible to get comfortable, and I woke up with the tight feeling still lingering pretty strong all over my stomach. I’ve been trying to look into what the feeling is and as usual Google says a variety of different things going from one extreme to the other. Be it Braxton Hicks or just generally baby kicks to it being possible placenta problems or early labour!

I’m putting it down to Braxton hicks or round ligament pain as the description for this seems the closest to how I feel. I felt baby moving a lot so I had no concerns there but bloody hell it was like baby was a starfish in there or something! Where the pain was just all over, from under my ribs right to my hoo-ha! My bump was as solid as a rock!

It’s times like these that make me wonder how much more painful actual labour contractions are going to feel. Because some people have said their Braxton Hicks were unbearable, made them think they were going to go into labour but obviously didn’t. The pain I felt this morning was uncomfortable but it certainly didn’t make me feel like I was going to go into labour. I couldn’t figure out what the feeling was and how I could suppress it which is what annoyed me more. So I ran a nice warm bath and hoped that would relax my muscles a bit. During the bath I could still feel the tightness but once I got out and carried on with my morning I could tell that the bath had helped to ease the feeling so I was happy about that. A bath has always made me feel better if ever I’ve had tightness or achy muscles, which is one reason why I wonder if I’d enjoy a water birth. Every time I think about it I am tempted… but because this is my first, I think I’d rather just go with the flow of the day and be able to move around. I’ve got a feeling I would just wanna get out the bath because I’m in so much pain so I can move around/pace the room instead. I can’t sit still when I’m in pain so this is why I’ve decided not to bother trying water birth for my first experience of labour. Maybe on my second child I would have a better idea of whether I’d enjoy it or find it annoying for sure.

So it does make me wonder, this tightness I’ve been feeling at 32 weeks pregnant, what have I got ahead of me…


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