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Lazy Lump

Since I’ve entered the third trimester I have definitely noticed a difference in how productive I feel. The moment I stopped working I knew I had to keep busy otherwise I’d become a couch potato. So I signed up to AVON and became a local representative for my area. It get’s me out the house and keeps me moving. When I’m sat on the sofa for too long I get the worst back pain ever, so it’s nice to have a stroll around the houses delivering magazines to keep busy. In fact, I quite like having a nosey at all the beautiful gardens too! Because all the houses are new builds, they all take pride in their homes and it’s so lovely! I get a bit of a thrill when I get a new order which is sad I know, but to get commission I need a certain amount of orders! It’s good fun and keeps me active. Let’s just hope that my waters don’t break one day, midway through an AVON delivery around my local streets!

Despite enjoying my AVON rounds, I am definitely feeling lazier and lazier as the weeks go on. As I’m quite an obsessive person, I had some Pintrest inspiration and made a “Bullet Journal”. One of the pages I made an incredibly organised “Cleaning Routine” where I basically set a task for each day that I would complete. So Monday, for example was wash load and vacuum day. I kept to this routine quite well for a few weeks… but I’ve been a bit slack recently. Purely because the prospect of housework right now just makes me feel exhausted before I even start! I’m on my knees in the kitchen when I’m trying to empty the washing machine because bending down is no fun. I can’t wait for normal day-to-day tasks to actually become simple again. All my life I would run up the stairs, don’t ask why but I have never walked, it takes to long to get to the other end. But since being pregnant it’s become more and more of a desperate crawl to the top instead. I was still running up them in the early days, until one day I attempted to run and just stopped half way and was like…. nah, can’t do that anymore and plodded the rest of the way with disappointment…and then forgot why I even came upstairs in the first place.

I’m going through the typical third trimester stage of experiencing the following:

  • Uncomfortable sleep – constantly tossing and turning unable to stay in a comfortable position, throwing my pregnancy pillow about the bed probably whacking it in Scott’s face every half hour.
  • When something is on the floor…. it can stay there.
  • I can’t see much past my belly button, so the idea of shaving my hoo-ha or my legs before labour is seeming more and more impossible.
  • Nump hips when I lay on my sides… but then you’re not supposed to lay on your back, and obviously not your stomach…(can’t bloody wait to be able to lie on my stomach again) so how the hell am I even supposed to lay at all!!
  • Acid Reflux got me like…. BLEGH!

It’s all just beginning to get awfully uncomfortable now. I know for a fact that I’ll get the worst back pain during labour. I can’t even sit here now typing this without feeling like someone is stabbing me in the back! I’m a bit of a nightmare for googling everything I feel to find out different suggestions to help any aches and pains. I’ve read a lot about yoga, but if I can’t even comprehend picking something up off the floor and i’m plodding up the stairs, why would I want to attempt flexible positions?!

With this cold weather we’ve been hit with this week, I’ve been suffering with a bit of a cold. It seems to be worse at night and Scott enjoys telling me that I’ve been a deep snorer for the past week. I think he’s lying, I caught him snoring so I think he’s just been hearing himself snore really. No but seriously, I lay in bed and I can’t breathe through my nose! Being that a pregnant woman’s organs are already being put under pressure it’s hard enough to breathe as it is, this is the last thing I need. So no wonder I’m snoring!

Talking about snoring…. might have a nap later today. Oh the wonders of not being at work!




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