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Baby Name – why I’ve kept it a secret.

I don’t know about anyone else but choosing a baby name that both myself and the hubby can agree on has been HARD! We have chosen a name, and I know we’ve come to the decision a lot quicker than some people, but it took a lot of thought and disagreements to finally get there! We thought about it constantly in the early days and that’s why we’ve chosen relatively quickly. Some people have baby in there arms and still haven’t picked a name. I’m sorry but you’ve had 9 months…what’s taking you so bloody long?!

If we were having a girl, both myself and Scott would have had a name a LOT quicker as we both decided on a name that, frankly, we fell in love with! So in love with it, that we’re almost gutted we can’t use it until we have a girl one day. Anyway, boys names have been a lot tougher to come to an agreement on. When we were told we were having a boy we were pretty confident we knew what we’d call him as Scott had his heart set on a name in the early days, but unfortunately over time I started to change my opinion. It was a lovely name, which I do like, but the more I said it, the more I was being put off by it. I was hearing it quite often, be it on the telly or someone else’s baby had just been called it too; so overall I was just totally switched off. I remember someone saying to me “If in doubt, it’s not the right name”.

Now… we’ve come to an agreement on a name, that originally Scott wasn’t keen on. But he always needs time to warm to things anyway… just like food (he think’s he doesn’t like things until he tries it a second time). I absolutelyย adore the name and I am soooo pleased he has decided he likes it. If he never did…I could of been eating my own words with a baby in my arms without a name! (I don’t think i’d of let it get that far but I guess who knows) It took a looooong time to get to this point, at least it felt like a long time. Scrolling through lists and lists of boys names…. Harry, Fred, Barry, Larry etc… We were just disagreeing on everything!

So I have mentioned a few name ideas to friends/family/colleagues, some people are VERY opinionated on names! And this is the reason why we’ve kept our chosen name a secret. The last thing I want, is to say the name and people put us off, when it’s taken a lot for me and Scott to finally agree on one!

Here’s some made up but very realistic type of comments people can make:

“Oh I know a Barry….he was a dick!” Oh right okay…. great, so every Barry is a Dick are they?

“I used to know a Harry in school, he wasย really hairy! People used to call him Hairy Harry” Okay mate….doesn’t mean my child will be hairy though will it?!

“hmm…..i’m not keen. I like the name Parsley/Thorn/Apollo (or another extremely bizarre name).” look…I’m not a celebrity… calm your tits!

“Really… you like that name….hmm. I don’t.” Ok…. nice. Thanks.

“OOOH thats a niceeee nameee……not heard that one before! Yeah….”Geoff”…..sounds…..cute. Yeahhhhh, I reeeeeeally like it. Very…….different.” Alright, Liar. Thanks for pretending but no need to exaggerate it!

I could go on for a little while… the message I’m trying to say is that people have opinions. And basically…. I don’t wanna hear it! Especially about a name that we’ve 100% chosen and we’re really happy with. Don’t frickin’ put me off just keep your trap shut! I get that some people are just trying to help, or trying to pretend because they don’t know how to react to a name. But lets just save us both the awkward opinions andย  just not say anything, yeah?!

So the day Baby is born people will find out the name… and they will have to like it or lump it! Nobody says a negative thing about a chosen name when the little toot is a physical being and it’s adoring parents are proudly announcing them! Surely not….


I’m sure everyone will like the name, Pablo-Carlos-Esteban-Bob Matthews……..just kidding!



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