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Mummy-to-be Lessons Learnt

So I’m a first time mummy-to-be and there’s so much that I’ve been reading online that both excites and frightens me. I guess I just want to make this blog as real as possible so I can hopefully relate to mummies out there that are nervous or just generally wanting a good giggle about the challenges that we face…and maybe just to not feel alone.

I’m not saying that my experiences will be the same as other mummies, or that mine will be any different to any one else’s; but I want to mainly use this space to talk and share what I have experienced throughout this new and AMAZING journey I’m about to face! Also the lessons I have learnt along the way…

Lesson 1: Pregnancy for me has NOT gone fast. (I may eat those words later, once I actually have baby here and I am wishing it would all slow down) but for now… I feel like I’ve been pregnant for an eternity! I must say… I have been extremely lucky, unlike some mummies, I haven’t had a single ounce of “morning sickness” – which I have heard can be “all day sickness” – so I am sorry to all you poor suffering ladies! I can’t imagine how uncomfortable you feel… the most it may get for me is just when I’m feeling a little bit peckish then it can make me feel a bit…icky.

Lesson 2: I have not learnt what makes bump happy… in fact I have no clue what’s going on inside there what so ever! I keep reading online different people saying how certain songs, food etc… have made baby wriggle. It may be how their baby likes it when they dance, when they shine a light on their belly or when they eat lemons it makes baby hiccup… these sort of random things they’ve noticed on a reoccurring basis I guess. But frankly, for me, I haven’t noticed a thing other than baby is shy as f***. He will never move when I want him to. I get the camera out…. nothing. I nudge my husband to watch how he wriggles…nothing. I find myself trying to trick my tummy, but it’s like he knows I’m still secretly watching!! No but seriously, there isn’t a song that makes baby move, there isn’t a specific food that makes baby move, nothing…. it’s just a baby wriggling about in my belly when it suits him really. Which can make me panic sometimes, because I can often have a moment when I think “Hang on a minute… I haven’t felt him move in a little while…” and I end up sitting staring at my belly for ages until I feel something. Poking and prodding at it trying to encourage him to fidget. It’s always a false alarm thankfully! I have a kick count app which makes me concentrate on any movements, and usually he is actually moving a lot more than I think when I stop and think about it.

Lesson 3: There’s no pregnancy “glow”. I look like shit…I won’t say no more.

So I had my first health visitor appointment today. Pre-baby visit I guess. I was a little bit nervous, as I’d been told by a family member that their health visitor asked them a few questions about if there was any domestic abuse and asked about alcohol consumption (as they had a beer can on the floor) and I guess she wanted to know that the environment was going to be safe for a child. Which I completely get is important.. but it made me panic about what the health visitor might point out in our house. So I immediately whipped the hoover around and tidied up the gaff. I hid the crate of wine…jokes. I haven’t actually touched a drop of alcohol since being pregnant… I couldn’t live with myself if I did! But she didn’t even take a blind bit of notice of the house to be honest. I was hoping for a compliment on how gloriously lemony my house smelt… rude cow! Nah I’m only messing. It was actually an extremely informative visit, and I was left feeling like I had a great support system when/if I needed it. She did ask some questions about our relationship, as Scott wasn’t here. I told her all about how vile he really is…. jokes, obviously told her I had a great support system. So overall, I had nothing to worry about really and I learnt a lot about breastfeeding, which I’m eager to try! But that’s a whole different boobie blog for another day!

There are many more lessons I have learnt along this pregnancy journey, but I won’t squish it all into one blog. Also, my back has had enough of sitting in this one position for too long.


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